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Experience Design Intensive

With: Maria Giudice
Info: Nov 7-9, 2014 • Fri/Sat/Sun • 9:00am-4:00pm • 3 mtgs • UHM Sakamaki C104, Manoa MultiMedia Lab • $375
Event ID: L13457

Today`s customers no longer forgive poorly designed experiences in exchange for cool technological innovations. Today`s customers demand intuitive and useful experiences. Design has become the great differentiator in today`s crowded marketplace of products, services, and messages.

In order to serve customer`s needs, wants and desires in a complex, interconnected world, today`s designer must go beyond defining themselves solely as a "website designer" or a "print designer". Today`s designers must think about the interrelationship of experiences that live in the real and digital world. How can design and technology enable people to have deeper and more meaningful experiences with products and services? Find out how in this hands-on, 3-day intensive, experience design workshop where we will use a real-world project to learn research, strategy, and design techniques that lead to a multi-touchpoint digital strategy. Real world deliverables are shared and discussed, and all class files are available for download on the class Basecamp site.

Experience Design Intensive includes:
Process, Teamwork, and Discovery - Friday, November 1:
Experience Strategy Workshop, Saturday, November 2:
Brand, Visual Design Strategy, Sunday, November 3:

Innovator, artist, protagonist, and positive provocateur, Maria Giudice has pursued a vision of intelligent, elegant, people-centered design throughout her professional life. Her grasp of the pragmatic, the authentic, and the essential have kept her at the forefront of design and business for over 25 years. Under Maria's leadership, Hot Studio, the experience design firm she founded in 1997, grew into a full-service creative agency with an impressive list of Fortune 500 clients. In 2011, Maria was given an AIGA Fellow award that recognizes designers who have raised the standards of excellence in the design field. In March 2013, Facebook acquired the talent behind Hot Studio in one of their largest acqui-hires to date, where Maria now works as director of product design. Her latest book, Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design, is published by New Riders. Maria has spoken at conferences all over the world and currently serves as an adjunct professor and trustee at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

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Mon, Dec 4, 2023