Malia Wisch

Malia is a Design Director at Wall-to-Wall Studios. After earning her BFA in Communication Design from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, she worked as a designer in a studio in Washington, D.C. In 2002, she moved back home to Hawai‘i and has since worked as a freelance, in-house and studio designer. Malia served as secretary of the board for two terms before taking the helm.

Malia’s focus as president is to raise awareness for, and appreciation of, the design industry in our local community. Her goal is to educate potential partners and clients about the design process as well as the value of design thinking.



Matthew Honda

Matt Honda

Matthew is a graduate of the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa and focused his studies in the field of graphic design. Currently, a Co-Founder at Middle Management, A Branding co., and has previously held the position of Creative and Innovations Director at a locally based new-media company.

As VP, Matthew hopes to assist in empowering design students and businesses with the tools necessary to apply great design.



Miha Banu

Miha was born and raised in Romania, where she was studying foreign languages and literature. Everything changed when she boarded a plane to California, where she was supposed to just spend the summer. A few years/jobs/addresses later, Miha realized she should pursue her interest in the graphic arts, so she enrolled at Kapiolani Community College and obtained her degree in New Media Arts, Interface Design.

By day Miha is a graphic designer at Clarence Lee Design; by night she’s probably eating pizza and browsing Pinterest.

She is excited to serve on the AIGA Honolulu board, where she hopes to promote the importance of design, both as a profession and as a valuable tool for businesses in any industry.



Mark Guillermo

Born and raised in Hawaii, lover of all things internet, and hater of long-winded bios. Starting from lowly beginnings as an xacto-scarred intern, Mark found an early passion for working in a digital space. He has been a part of Hawaii’s design industry for the past ten years and is employed as Ikayzo’s creative director. With interests in both front-end development and visual design, Mark is a huge proponent in creating human-centered interactive experiences.



Stevie-Lyn Kim

Stevie-Lyn Kim

In life Stevie has found that even the most winding roads lead to just the right destination. From a degree in Asian Studies to stints in property management, urban planning, and blogging, she has gained enrichment through a variety of experiences that have led to her work today in the world of design. Stevie currently works as a Project Manager at Joyce Timpson & Associates, where she oversees the branding and marketing for some of Honolulu’s most exciting condominium developments. She supplements her full-time work with her passion as a life coach, helping career-minded individuals discover, design, and live more purposeful lives. With AIGA Honolulu, Stevie looks forward to helping strengthen our local design community, as well as raising design awareness among the community at large.


Angelica Rabang

Angelica Rabang

Angelica was born and raised on O‘ahu and is a graduate of the BFA Graphic Design program at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. She is a past art director at HONOLULU Magazine and is currently pursuing new opportunities in San Francisco. She has served on the AIGA Honolulu Chapter Board of Directors for six years in several positions, and most recently as president for 4 years. Angelica looks forward to the future of design in Hawaii, and will continue to support the chapter by serving as advisor to the Board of Directors and contributing to the Design Week and Design HNL committees.