AIGA Honolulu Initiatives

Hawaii’s 5-O

Hawaii’s 5-O design competition seeks to celebrate graphic design excellence in all its forms. Eligible projects — including identities, branding, printed collateral, environmental design, websites or motion graphics — are evaluated by three nationally recognized judges by the merit of their design. Regardless of the number of entries we receive, only 50 winners are chosen.

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Design LAB

Design LAB was founded to provide an intensive weekend workshop for high school students interested in design. Professional designers gain a rewarding mentorship experience. Ten years later, the program is still going strong.

AIGA Student Groups

The board of the AIGA Honolulu chapter keeps in contact with the AIGA student groups at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu Community College and Kapiolani Community College, providing support and advice as they work towards graduation and employment. Finding design jobs in Hawaii is challenging. Involvement in an AIGA student group can provide leadership opportunities and valuable exposure to the local design community, both of which can give employment-seeking student members a real advantage.

Drawing Under the Influence (DUI)

Designers love to play Pictionary but nobody likes to play Pictionary with designers. And so we invented DUI. It’s an intense Pictionary tournament for mostly designers, as well as other non-designer types in their offices who dare compete. The competition is only for those 21+ because, well, there has to be alcohol. This event is not held every year so when it comes around, be sure to round up a team and register!

No Go Logo

Many of our best logos never see the light of day. The clients didn’t choose them. Maybe they were underwhelmed, or they just didn’t get it, or maybe they found it offensive. Well, these are just the logo we want to see! No Go Logo is a gallery exhibition that celebrates the losers. The only real qualification to enter is that the logo can not have been chosen by a client. Rejects only. This exhibition is social and interactive, with attendees choosing the winners. This event was first held in Honolulu in 2008 and was brought back in 2013 and 2017.


Membership Luncheons

Membership Luncheons are held every year in the spring or summer. The luncheons provide the membership an opportunity to catch up with each other, meet new members, and get updates from the board about events, initiatives, and any issues facing the local design community. Must be an AIGA member in good standing to attend.

Adobe Workshops

AIGA Honolulu is happy to host Adobe and their traveling software workshops. Attendees get to preview new programs, learn tools and tips, and win fantastic door prizes. AIGA members receive discounts on Adobe products, like 40% off your first year of Creative Cloud membership.

Designer Dialogues

Sure, it’s easy to find a lot of design inspiration on the internet these days, but there’s nothing like meeting a nationally recognized designer in person, hearing them talk about about their process, what drives them, what irks them, and any other secrets they might divulge. In the past, AIGA Honolulu has brought such prominent design figures as Sean Adams, Margo Chase, Joshua Chen, Frank Chimero, Joseph Duffy, Alan Dye, Jessica Hische, Michael Osborne, Stefan Sagmeister, and Christopher Simmons. It’s just one of the ways AIGA Honolulu works to keep our membership inspired.