Design Week HNL 2015 – Survey Results

Mahalo to everyone who participated in our Design Week survey. We’re sharing the results below. Overall, we were thrilled to receive high marks, but we really appreciated the constructive criticism as well. 

One lucky participant was selected to receive Kelli Anderson’s book “This Book is a Planetarium.” That winner has been notified. Sorry if it wasn’t you. But there will be one more opportunity when we publish our 5-O Design Competition survey.



Some of your comments about It Takes Deux to Design:

“I think a brief intermission between speakers, halfway through just for people to stretch might be nice.”

“While the concept was strong, the most valuable part was really the question/answer portion. I wish there was a way for questions to be asked anonymously.”

“We want more!”


Some of your comments about the 5-O Judges Speaker Series:

“An evening event would have been easier to schedule. Also a little pricey. I go to events to hear the people not eat the food. If the food is what drives up the price, then separate the two.”

“Extremely, extremely inspiring. Worth the money, but offering a possible scholarship could be cool for students/nonprofessionals. Great lunch choice!”


Some of your comments about the 5-O Awards Show:

“Wish I could’ve seen the judges criteria and other entries that didn’t place.”

“I wonder if there could be a little more showmanship in building up to the climax of announcing the winners. Maybe a short recap of the week, the overall judging process, etc.”

“It was a blast.”


Thanks, everyone!



By aigahonolulu
Published November 28, 2015
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