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AIGA Honolulu is the professional organization for graphic design. Our members are the best designers in the state. One of the best ways to find the designer that’s right for you is to browse the winners of our Hawaii’s 5-O Design Competition. Since 2001, AIGA Honolulu has held this competition in order to recognize and celebrate the best design being done right here in Hawaii.

How do I know which designer / firm is right for me? Browse their work and look for projects that feel right for your business or organization. Seeing how they solved a problem for a business that is in some way similar to yours should give you a sense of whether they’re right for you.

Why hire local? Local designers can solve nuanced design problems facing local businesses and organizations with an understanding of – and sensitivity to – our rich tapestry of cultures. There are many talented designers working right here in Hawaii who know how to communicate with authenticity and avoid clichés.

How much should I expect to pay? Be honest about your budget up front and designers can usually find a way to work within it. There’s a handy saying about prioritizing your needs: “You want your project done Fast, Good, and Cheap. Choose two.” Designers are professionals, like architects and interior designers, trained and experienced in the use of creative tools and aesthetic principals to solve business communication problems. Designers may consider offering low- or pro-bono rates to nonprofit organizations, friends or family, but their time should always be valued and respected.

What kind of process should I expect? The best design process requires a relationship with easy communication. Designers need to understand the problem you are trying to solve. Share as much as possible about your strengths and challenges, the personality of your brand and who you’re trying to reach.

Firm or Freelancer? Generally freelancers can handle small to medium-scale projects, while firms are better equipped to handle large-scale projects with many moving parts and deadlines. Some freelancers have decades of experience and can handle intricate jobs, but scheduling is particularly important since there’s no team to share the workload.  A firm has more people, but therefore may be an overly expensive option if you’re just looking for a simple logo or stand-alone print project.

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By aigahonolulu
Published December 29, 2017
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